Soulseeker (Gen 1)

Equality, Honesty and Unity...


  • Supply: 999
  • Staking Yield: $SOULS
Soulseeker with Epic Rhino Pipe
  • Staking for $SOULS (exclusive to Soulseeker)
  • DAO access
  • Chapters Access
  • PFP artwork

Who are Soulseeker?

Staking for $SOULS

  • Staking Soulseeker will be the only way to earn $SOULS!

DAO access

  • Every holder will gain access to the Soulless Society (DAO) where members get:
    • Access to the Parliament.
    • Access to Chapters.
    • Only Soulseeker can apply for seats at the Roundtable.


  • Our Artwork is hand drawn by the founder of Soulless Society (Kamea). There are over 230 traits. Every piece was created with procreate on an iPad pro. To ensure highest quality Kamea created the pieces at 4k+ resolution.

Mint Funds


At a 999 supply, we have only gained around 111 SOL from mint. 100% of these funds went back into the project.
Soulseeker that haven't been minted are kept in the DAO treasury to be rewarded for Chapters and Scholarships.


Soulseeker Royalties are set a 9%.
These Royalities will be used to further grow our tokens use cases and expand the team.