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Ronald Jackson Jr. (Professional Basketball Player)

Ron has partnered with Soulless Society in June 2022 as an ambassador for the Soulless Society brand.

Jackson has played D1 basketball for the Men's Basketball Team at North Carolina A&T, where he earned first-team All-MAEC honors.

He now plays professional basketball at the highest stages in Europe. From the first German league to being an all star in the first Slovenian league, he has made a name for himself in his first two years of playing professional ball.

We plan to expand this partnership further in the future and have some interesting concepts we will work on with Ron.



We have partnered with Launchlabs to ensure a highly recognized and respected launchpad in the solana ecosystem.

Launchlabs is known for it's smooth mints and great advisory help leading up to the mint.

Launchlabs is also known to be very exlusive. We are more than honored to have been chosen as one of the few projects launching on their launchpad.

Sol Decoder

We have partnerd with Sol Decoder and have integrated their bots in our discord.

We will be receiving all the future bots released by Sol Decoder.

Delysid Kiddos

We have partnered with Delysid Kiddos to make us as a project more accessable to other DAOs.

Delysid Kiddos have created an amazing platform for projects and DAOs to collab, smoothly and less complicated than the old fashioned discord grind.


We have aquired a review by RadRugs, doxxing our founder and using their expertise to bring more transparacy and trust for our members.

We scored a 94/100 on their leaderboard, including three badges.


We have partnerd with Solaland to create our Blackjack Casino.

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