Building value within the project.

Soulseeker (Gen 1)

  • Supply: 999
  • Mint Price: 0.5 SOL
  • 200 Traits
With our Gen1 collection "Soulseeker" we aim to create a community of holders joining, with the vision of a bigger and better future of NFTs and the Solana Blockchain.
This collection is designed and conceptualized to benefit the holders and the ecosystem in the most efficient way.
With a unique concept, we want to create a collection that is worth holding.
The collection bares over ten subDAOs which will be realesed over time.

Staking & Token

We have desinged a Staking and Token program that is meant to be as sustainable as possible.

Staking for $SOULS

Staking your Gen1 "Soulseeker" will be the only way to earn our native token $SOULS. (for now...)

Staking Mechanics and Rewards

We designed our Staking model to reward our strongest supporters, as well as create an organic value of our NFTs based on their Rarity.


Rugged communities get to apply for a Soulless Scholarship.
If accepted, a set amount of community members of each project will be onboarded by getting a free Soulseeker NFT airdopped.


We have decided to build our own Blackjack Casino, custom Soulless design, featuring several tokens!
Solaland has built the Casino and rev shares of the game will go directly back into the project.


A one of a kind discord experience.
As a holder you get to go on an adventure through 5 Chapters, mastering tasks and unlocking rewards from $SOULS, NFTs to one of our exclusive Chapter Banner NFTs when being one of the first to conquer all five Chapters.

Soul Magazine

A web3, token gated Magazine featuring everything Solana NFTs.
More soon...

Soulkeeper (Gen 2)

A collection only for the visionary Seeker.
More soon...