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I have been in the Crypto space for a while now and about a year ago i discovered my love for solana nfts.
Investing in solana NFTs for over a year, Kamea and i wanted to contribute something special to the space.
I have been a part of this project since day one, brainstroming concepts, generating our artwork, advising and helping Kamea to make soulless society what you know it to be today.
Before that i spent my time in school, graduating in 2019 as an industrial engineer with main emphasis on business informatics.
For the future of the project i am planning to work on building out our DAOs, structure the team and eventually scale and branch out.


Hello Soul fam/potential soul fam, I'm Lord_Desi! I'm a recent law graduate from the UoL in Pakistan. I got into the Solana NFT space in the height of this bear market. But what I have learnt in the past few months has been eye-opening! I love the community aspect behind projects and I've always been a lover of dope art. As someone who has also researched the Bull market in detail, the single most important thing I have identified for a project to be successful is: building. And that's why I'm with the Soul team on this project. We're gonna build and create a community that is rich and vibrant in engagement, lore, friendships and hopefully is profitable for anyone who joins! Soulless Society will not be your average project, they will go above and beyond, providing everything you could possibly get with any other project, in one. With a founder like Kamea, someone who never stops working and achieving more and more for his community, this project is in great hands!


Knowledgeable and well connected, when it comes to networking, collaborations and social media concepts.
Amn3sia is our Head of Operations mainly in discord and when it comes to networking with other projects and builders.

Head Mods


I’ve been in the NFT space since December 2021.
It all started when a friend of mine recommended me buying a metaverse project. I did not understand much back then, but the more time I invested the more I expanded my knowledge. A great aspect of this space is that you can connect much easier than in any other environment.
I do have a bachelor's degree in International Management but don’t like the typical corporate world, therefore, I am heavily invested in NFT’s.
Currently also a Mod at Masutas and working silently on my own project, but my main focus remains at Soulless Society.
The founder, the team and I share the same vision which is inherent in the flawless working environment.
Speaking of vision, I see the Soulless Society becoming a hub for artists, creators and any other profession in the NFT space but not only for people who already are participating but also for newbies by educating them through the various channels in the discord and our website. Building a strong community is essential for any NFT project and that’s the founders priority by genuinely engaging with the community.


It has been a year for me exploring the NFT space gaining knowledge,making friends, studying different roadmap,and how tokenomics are made and above all having fun .
Currently I have my own Dao as Diss dao which is growing slowly and will share more details as we progress in building it ,also started working with Soulless society as a Alpha hunter.
NFT is defined as good art and Soulless society is completely devoted to good art so this made me to join the team. Kamea the founder is a nice man good of heart made me get involved in this project from the very beginning and it was a amazing experience of working with the team building a organic community without any paid marketing and reaching the targets as projected.


I have been on NFTs for months but the experience is great, dealing with great projects, friends and DAOs it made me a lot more aware of what NFTs and Cryptos are.
I work for Soulless Society as The Head Moderator and Collab Manager. Through the journey of being with the founder, community and co-workers I found this project useful in the present and in the future as they work so hard to make more inspirations for aspiring artists and beginers on NFTs.