😈Kamea | Head of Society

The first brick...

Wassup fam, i am Kamea. Founder, Artist, Web Dev and builder of all concepts/tokenomics.

Doxxed with Launchlabs & RadRugs


Soulless Society begins...August 2021, i had been investing in crypto for years and found solana NFTs a few months prior. After a few months of full degen life I started writing down concepts on how i would improve the current way of building a project in the space. Soon these concepts started to become a reality as i spent more time on calculating tokenomics, design a roadmap and thinking of the best ways to create a true foundation for a movement to cement itself in the history of Solana and Web3.

I had been advising several projects in the NFT space and spent most of my time on several socials deep diving into the Solana NFT concepts and communities.


I have been doing art all of my life. Growing up in Austria Vienna i started to spray on the streets and carried that passion with me until today.

Early 2021 i drew my first piece on an iPad. It was terrible. So i decided to spend hours over hours on learning every single way of creating the exact art i wanted to create.

Our Soulseeker collection went throught TWO COMPLETE OVERDRAFTS, meaning i had drawn two entire collections and started over again for different reasons.

Eventually i decided to draw my personal character that i had been spraying all my life and adding every single trait i could think of.

The collection turned out to have more than 230 traits for a 999 supply.

Every piece was designed to give a unique character to each Soulseeker.

I didn't want a single bad trait in the collection and i wanted each piece to be different from one antoher.

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